Adam Schroeder, MS

Field Director/Owner

I’m a Teacher and Paleontologist currently working in South Dakota. I have been working in the Hell Creek Formation of North Dakota and Montana since early 2009. My research focuses on biological extinction and recovery across the K-Pg boundary in the Hell Creek Formation. I look forward to our next paleontological adventure!


Phone: 785-443-0982


William L. Beatty, PhD

Field Leader

Dr. Beatty is an Associate Professor of Geosience at Winona State University.

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James Reed, PG

Field Director/Owner

I’m an Engineering Geologist and Paleontologist currently working in the Black Hills of South Dakota. In addition to dinosaurs, I studied the sedimentary stratigraphy of ejecta layers from the 2nd largest meteor on Earth, aka the Sudbury Impact. I'm continuing "sed-strat" related research in the Cretaceous, as well as assisting students with their own on the K-Pg boundary in the Hell Creek Formation.


Phone: (507) 313-6954


Candace Kairies-Beatty, PhD

Field/Camp Leader

Dr. Kairies-Beatty is Chairperson/Professor at Winona State University.

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Douglas Hanks

Preparator, Field leader

Doug is a Paleontologist with an impressive resume and years of experience in Cretaceous fossils. He has worked extensively with the Science Museum of Minnesota since 1994 as a Volunteer, Preparator, Casting Technician, and Field Crew Leader. Doug also co-founded the Marmarth Research Foundation, a non-profit research organization working in the Hell Creek Formation. From 2003-present, Doug has maintained the position of Research Associate for the Paleontology Department at the Science Museum of Minnesota.