The first weeks of the dig season are great for new discoveries, as erosion has been hard at work during the off season exposing new fossil material. As the season progresses, we begin to commit to sites and work to uncover specimens before the seasons end. However, we ensure all weeks of our charters get a healthy mix of both prospecting and excavation time.

Work Conditions  

Working on the dig usually entails long periods of hiking and sitting. Also, the badlands are generally hot, dry, and sunny during the day. Keep that in mind when considering this dig. In order to break up the day we try to both prospect and work on excavations each day. The field day usually depends on the weather. If it is abnormally hot we may cut the field excavation short for the day or, in the event of rain, we may choose to go on a museum trip. Excavations often require the use of sharp tools, hammers, pickax, picks, etc. A safety overview will be provided at the beginning of the dig.  You must acknowledge the natural dangers of working in a remote, arid environment, (local wildlife, dehydration, severe weather, etc.). Further info can be found in the Sign Up section. 


We provide large high-quality tents for all charter participants (generally 2 people per tent unless otherwise specified). That being said personal tents, RVs, campers, etc., are welcome at the camp site as well. If you choose to bring an RV, there are locations in town to fill up and deposit waste. On-site parking is accessible for vehicles in the clearing next to camp for the duration of your charter. If you are being picked up at the Rapid City airport (additional info in airport pickup section) and are unable to provide your own gear, we do provide Cots, Sleeping-bags, and Pillows. Please inquire if you will be needing any other arrangements.


Breakfast will be served at the local Marmarth Cafe and sack-lunches will be provided for the day. Evening meals are a community event usually akin to a barbecue. Daily preparation of evening meals and camp clean-up is a group responsibility, although camp personnel will do most of the actual cooking. We provide all the food and utensils, but you are welcome to bring additional provisions. Sack lunches include chips, granola bar, fruit, vegetable and choice of PBJ or ham/turkey sandwich. Water is provided on site and at camp.Vegetarian preferences and food allergies can be accommodated with advance notice, although we operate under the assumption most are carnivores! 


For an additional $100.00 charge, we will pick you up (and drop you off) at the Rapid City Airport in Rapid City, SD on the Sunday of the beginning of each dig week. HOWEVER, your plane MUST ARRIVE BEFORE 1:30 pm and DEPART NO EARLIER than 1:30 pm for the return flight. Please contact us if you have questions about this before reserving any flights.

Historical Weather: June 25 - July 31, 2017 *


Typically we meet in Marmarth, ND at the cafe and mini store (gas station) or at camp at 4:00-5:00 pm, the beginning of each dig week. Note: Cellular service is spotty and we may not be able to give directions to camp.

Marmarth, ND