High School Group Digs

Basic Information:

Time & Date: June 24, 5:00 PM - June 30, 9:00 am

The dig is Chartered through Hell Creek Fossils LLC and is based out of Marmarth, ND. Each group must consist of at-least 3 students and a supervising adult for every 3-6 students. This dig is geared toward high school students, no more than 1 adult per 3 students unless otherwise approved. Price is $350 per person including adults. Food, water, and lodging are provided for the duration. Group vehicle must be used to travel to sites (established roads only).


How to Sign-up:

All groups must be approved. Contact us via email at hcfossils@gmail.com with group information and questions. We will send you a customized promo code and instructions for payment if you wish to pay online, or if paying by check.




Facilities include: field lab, kitchen, showers, restroom, volunteers' tents, and our field office. Furthermore, tents generally have access to electrical outlets if needed.

We provide tents for the duration of your charter. The large luxury camping tents have 133ft² or more of floor space. Camping cots will be provided to group sponsors. For this week only students may sleep up to 6 per tent. Supervisors sleep up to 3 per tent.

All meals are provided. Breakfast will be served at camp or at the local cafe. Feel free to augment you meals with any snacks. It is recommended that you bring $25-$50 spending cash as you may want to purchase snacks or souvenirs from local stores. 



The Dig

Working on the dig usually entails long periods of hiking and sitting. Mornings can be a bit chilly, but the badlands are generally hot, dry, and sunny during the day. Keep that in mind when packing for the dig. In order to break up the day we try to both prospect and work on excavations each day. The field day usually depends on the weather. If it is abnormally hot we may cut the field excavation short for the day. In the rare event of rain we may visit some local museums and have a more lab intensive day.

Bring anything you would typically take camping with the exception of a tent and cooking utensils, which are provided.